Heineken Art Pyramid at Counterpoint

Heineken contacted ABV looking for a large scale brand activation based around visual art. Over about a year, ABV designed and developed the Art Pyramid concept with the intention of bringing event goers an out of this world conceptual structure.

The Heineken House is a multi-sensory experience, featuring a Live Art Pyramid as the core. Standing over 35ft tall, the pyramid features 12 massive live art walls to be hand-painted over the three days at Counterpoint this spring. The interior features a covered bar serving ice cold Heineken, while the exterior provides seating for patrons to witness the transformation of this multifunctional installation.


  • Public wifi
  • A Showcase of World Class Visual Artists
  • Covered Bar with 4 Entrances
  • Lounge Seating Surrounding the Structure
  • Variety of Visually Simulating Lighting Effects

Heineken Art Pyramid at CounterPoint Heineken Art Pyramid at CounterPoint

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