The Tenderloin Project

An Exhibition By Sean Desmond

June 25, 2010 - June 25, 2010

the tenderloin project

The Tenderloin Project is an ongoing artistic endeavor focused on one of San Francisco’s most marginalized neighborhoods, The Tenderloin. Utilizing the interactive mediums of photography and film, the project’s aim is to capture a compelling and honest portrait of this diverse community.

With living exhibitions that traveled through San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, New York and Tokyo the project was showcased in a variety of outlets, creating access for a range of viewers to see these intimate, yet objective images, and to understand what life is like in the Tenderloin.

The project has since culminated in the creation of The Tenderloin Project Digital Workstation, located at Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program in the heart of the Tenderloin. The workstation, which includes a 27 inch iMac and a Canon DSLR camera, was donated on behalf of proceeds raised through the Tenderloin Project’s art sales and living exhibitions. The workstation is accessible free of charge, five days a week, to everyone and anyone interested in creating their own photography or video-based projects.

By residents of the community now having access to this technology, we hope that it will allow the project to live on for years and generations to come in the form of art within the community. To find out more please email

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