Red Lotus: The Floating World

An Exhibition By Brandon Sadler

July 29, 2011 - July 29, 2011

Red Lotus: The Floating World

While living in South Korea, Brandon Sadler was consumed by an unfamiliar environment struggling to find a balance between work and artistic expression. With Sadler’s grandfather passing and his isolation from living abroad he was motivated to create his most recent body of work, “Red Lotus: The Floating World.”

By utilizing rice paper for its sensitivity and ink for its permanence, Sadler has created a metaphor for life and its actions. Through this unification of these materials, “Red Lotus: The Floating World” articulates his ideas about the change and death of self-image that is essential for enlightenment and the finding of one’s true self.

"When your world is consumed by waves, you can sink or you can float." – Brandon Sadler

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