Heavy Mental

An Exhibition By Greg Mike

March 28, 2014 - March 28, 2014


By far his most personal and vivid collection of work to date, HEAVY MENTAL is Greg Mike unleashed, free to explore new territories. Colors bend and blend while lines and images collapse and coalesce twisting the world inside out and upside down.

Memories collide with the immediate moment while the wreckage is shaped by meditations on the future. Images and concepts are threaded together and propelled by the spark of instinct and intuition. There are explosions, there is fire. There is a pulse of pure electricity, uncoiled lightning, that charges the entire body of work with kinetic chaos.

This is evolution in action. This is not the end product, this is the process. No lanes, no lines, no roads, no right, no wrong–this is something entirely different.

HEAVY MENTAL is alive. The pieces breathe and seethe, they scream out with emotion and invention, barreling forward deep into the unknown.

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