All But Reason

An Exhibition By Trey Moseley

June 22, 2013 - June 22, 2013

ABV Trey Mosely All But Reason

All But Reason, opening June 22nd at ABV, is the premiere exhibition of Atlanta artist Trey Moseley. Combining painting and installation, this body of work emerges from the darkest corners of human culture and imagination, assaulting the senses and questioning the very nature of all that converged to create it. It explores the ideas behind the structured world inhabited by modern man, its relationship with nature, and the impact that it has on human experience and perception. Presenting themes both ubiquitous and unique, images both violent and serene, All But Reason is ready to engage and challenge viewers to experience the world in a way they may not have previously thought possible.

But his origins lie far away from the disturbing, synthetic aesthetic that dominates his work. Hailing from the isolation and tranquility of a middle Georgia farming town, he grew up among towering pecan orchards and vast fields of cotton and soybeans. Of pickup trucks and starlight and the warmth of unadulterated nature. It was a place of peace and serenity, of consistency and calm. Suspended there in all that natural beauty, he craved nothing but to separate himself from it. He wanted to tear himself away, to betray nature itself. He searched for chaos among his surroundings and so he found it, engaging it on a level that consumed him. The chaos left its mark on him, capturing the whole of his imagination and artistic ambition.

It is that chaos, that unrest in the face of tranquility that All But Reason addresses. It aims to strip away the layers of preconceived reality until all that remains is a higher truth, one that can be conveyed only through abstraction. It ushers the viewer into a realm of thought and perception inhabited by foreboding landscapes, desolate sensibilities, and grotesque creatures born out of the collective nightmares of an entire species. What does it mean to be a human? What fuels our carnal desires? How do we contend with our nature and cope with the specter of uncertainty that surrounds our existence? But most of all, what would we see if we could peel back our flesh and draw our dark and savage nature to the surface? All But Reason can only ask the questions.

The answers are up to you.

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